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Raiz Rewards is our rewards program that sits within the Raiz app. Users can earn a percentage of their purchase invested back into their Raiz Invest or Raiz Super account, and the rewards are eligible on top of on-site sales. With over 250 brands to choose from there is something for everyone – from fashion to tech to travel. Before making a purchase, simply go to the Raiz Rewards section in the app and click the “Shop Online Here” button for the brand you’d like to shop with.

We spoke to three of our users to find out what they enjoyed most about Raiz Rewards. They are Bushra K., Holly W., and Maxime R.


Why do you like Raiz Rewards?

Bushra K.

“I love that I don’t have to think about depositing money into a savings account, I’m a millennial; I want someone else to do it for me.”

Holly W.

“I feel like I’ve made a discount on my purchase but really, it’s gone to a savings account I don’t touch. The nature of the Raiz Rewards program encourages you to constantly be money-savvy and set aside savings.”

Maxime R.

“The amount of savings I get from the program are unbelievable.”


What are your favourite brands to shop with?

Bushra K.

“Lee, Ksubi, Reebok, Atmos & Here.”

Holly W.


Maxime R.

“I shop THE ICONIC and I really like the Raiz surveys which are quick and easy and add good coin to the side.”


What advice would you give to Raiz users that do not currently use Raiz Rewards?

Bushra K.

“It’s easy to use, it’s a bit ‘set and forget’ which is great for when you don’t consciously want to make decisions about money. Buy your essential items and watch your money grow!”

Holly W.

“Always check before you buy something online that there could be more discounts available in Raiz rewards.”

Maxime R.

“Most of my friends already shop at these stores you may as well go through Raiz rewards so you can add to your fund!”


What do you currently do with your rewards? Leave it in your Raiz or Raiz Super account, withdraw it to spend elsewhere, use it to offset fees?

Bushra K.

”Leave it in my Raiz account!”

Holly W.

“Leave in my Raiz account.”

Maxime R.

“I currently leave it in my Raiz Super account.”


What would you like to see in Raiz Rewards in the future? Any features or specific stores?

Bushra K.

“Shopbop! I shop from there all the time.”

Holly W.

“I don’t think whether to check Raiz when I’m at checkout, so a Chrome extension would be cool!”

Maxime R.

“I would love to see some lighting stores and bunnings as this would benefit my business.”

— — —

We continue to grow our partnerships with more brands and bring new rewards to our Raiz community.

Shop through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app to earn a percentage of your purchase invested back into your Raiz account.


Naked Wines, the world’s fastest-growing direct wine-to-consumer business, announced an AUD $5 Million Rescue Fund and a number of public commitments to help support quality Australian independent winemakers who are set to take the hardest hit from China’s sudden and hefty wine tariff hikes. The company, which connects over 100,000 Australian everyday wine drinkers with Australia’s best independent winemakers, called on winemakers, retailers and consumers to unite to Stop the Squeeze on Australia’s independent winemaking community, and announced a new fund and commitments to support quality local independent winemakers and growers. Read Post


Did you know the most common New Year’s Resolutions are to exercise more and save money?

80% of resolutions fail by February, according to a study conducted by Strava using over 800 million user logged activities from 2019. Strava dates January 19th as “Quitter’s Day” and we want to help you continue kicking those 2021 goals.

If you are going to stick to your resolution, it is important to be realistic and work out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. You’ve probably heard it before… if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

Here are 5 of our top picks for fitness goals and resolutions that stick!

  1. Lululemon

Deck yourself out with some of Lululemon’s latest technical gear to support you through your long, hot and sweaty sessions. 7% of your purchase price is invested back into your Raiz account.

  1. ASICS

Hit the ground running this year with the innovative footwear, apparel and accessories for running, training, football, netball and tennis. Every ASICS innovation, concept and idea is intended to create the best product. 4.9% (until 15/01/21 then 3.5%) of your purchase price will be invested back into your Raiz account.

  1. Speedo

The sun and warm weather are here to stay for a while so why not mix things up and cool yourself down with a swim. Hit the beach or the pool with swimwear and swimsuits for all levels and abilities. Speedo will invest 4.2% of your purchase price back into your Raiz account.

  1. Weight Watchers

Still unsure how to keep the scales moving in the right direction?  Sign up to Weight Watchers for the first time and they will invest $33.60 back into your Raiz Account. Check out their healthy and simple meal plans, fitness plans and eating out guides to inspire you to make healthier choices.

  1. Elite Supps

Make the training you do count and check out the broad range of supplements at Elite Supps. When you fuel those gains you earn 8.4% (until 17/01/21 then 7%) of your purchase price back into your Raiz account.

Shop through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app to earn a reward invested back into your Raiz account.

Reward amounts as of 15/01/2021. T&Cs Apply.


Two Days Only! Shop with your favourite Back to School brands through Raiz Rewards to earn increased cash rewards invested back into your Raiz or Raiz Super account.*

Partner Reward


Best&Less 5.6% (was 1.4%) until 15/01/21 Get ready for the new school year with mix and match schoolwear, 2 for $10
Lowes 8.4% (was 7%) until 15/01/21 Clarks, Harrison, Grosby & Human school shoes up to 50% off
Microsoft 4.9% across +6 months Surface devices (was Surface now from $1061. 5 days only!
Shoes & Sox 8.4% (was 7%) until 15/01/21 20% off School & Black Sport Shoes
Norton 50% (was 28%) until 31/03/21 Get up to $95 Off on Norton Antivirus & VPN, starting at just $39.99 (was $69.99)
Typo 4.9% (was 3.5%) until 15/01/21 Get back to school in style with Typo’s cool range of stationery, tech accessories and more!
Clarks 8.4% (was 7%) until 15/01/21 20% off all School Shoes
Vistaprint 9.8% (was 8.4%) until 15/01/21 $10 off $60 spend , $20 off $100 spend & $50 off $200 spend with code VPSAVE50
Dell 3.5% (was 2.1%) until 15/01/21 Back to Business Deals – Up to 50% off selected Servers.
ASICS 4.9% (was 3.5%) until 15/01/21 Spend $100 on kids products, get a FREE ASICS waterbottle*
PatPat 7% (was 4.2%) until 15/01/21 5% OFF sitewide with code RAIZ15
Swisse 7% (was 3.5%) until 16/01/21 30% off Swisse site-wide with code 30OFFSWISSE ends 16/01/21
Wotif 4.2% hotels School term starting? Book a school holiday getaway! Deals up to 20% off select accommodation.
THE ICONIC 5% (was 3.5% until 15/01/21 Back-to-school savers*BUY 2, SAVE 20%. BUY 3, SAVE 30% Bags, socks and more!
Sunglass Hut 7% (was 5.6%) until 15/01/21 Up to 50% off selected styles @ SunglassHut.com + free shipping

Shop through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app to earn a reward invested back into your Raiz account.

Reward amounts as of 14/01/2021. T&Cs Apply.


Popular activewear brand ECHT are entering 2021 with comfort and style. If keeping fit is one of your new year’s resolutions then do it while looking good with ECHT’s latest women’s collection, the Rival Series. Their signature style has always been showing off curves in all the right places and this all-new knit material enhances just that. You can also check out their latest men’s range here. Read Post


Developing skills that can stand the test of time should be on top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list. Here are the 10 future skills you should be looking at developing for the next decade or two of your career. 

The third edition of the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs Report” maps the jobs and skills that will be most relevant for the future of work. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more pervasive and society entering a fourth industrial revolution, new skills are rapidly emerging. We go through the 10 most sought-after skills of the future and show you just how to start developing them now.  Read Post


To celebrate Christmas and New Year, PatPat have provided some amazing offers that will have the whole family dressed to impress without breaking the bank. Plus on top of these end of year deals, shop with them through Raiz Rewards and you’ll earn 8.4% of your purchase invested back into your Raiz account. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and New Year from the team at PatPat. Read Post


You’re at this years’ office Secret Santa, and you get another cheap plastic gag gift that will likely go straight into the bin at the end of the party.  

Why not give a gift that can be used again, and again, and reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill this Christmas? This year we created our Mindful Gifting pack which includes a limited-edition colour in three different styles and absorbencies, so you can give someone the gift of comfort, style and help them reduce their use of disposables.   Read Post