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Anyone who is serious about their fitness and body building journey knows about creatine and its amazing ability to build muscle and improve athletic performance, but not many people know about the various forms available – or how to choose the right one to achieve their individual goals. In fact, did you know that there are over ten different forms of creatine available on the market and that while each claim a particular benefit over the others, only a few have been shown to be effective in human studies? Read Post


Introducing the must-have hero for every wardrobe: Men’s chinos

Picking the best men’s chinos isn’t an exact science. You need to factor in colour, fit, chino style, where you’re going to wear them, and whether or not your boss will mind. That’s why most guys will have at least two or three pairs of different chinos on stand-by. We’re not saying

you need to order one of every colour, but a good place to start would be: one casual fit pair, one formal slim-fit pair, and one pair with some eye-popping colour (because you never know when you’re going to need light pink pants). Welcome to our ultimate men’s chino guide.

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas decorations are in store, event notifications are coming through on Facebook and colleagues are already asking what your plans are for the holidays. Virtually or not, gathering with friends and family this year may have you wanting to lose those dreaded iso kilos. Here are 6 tips from our Dietitian Tess, to help you lose a kilo (or two!) before Christmas. Read Post


Cyber Monday is now in full swing as sales continue on from Black Friday. Remember to shop with your favourites brands through Raiz Rewards to earn cash rewards invested back into your account on top of some of the biggest sales of the year. We know that Christmas can be a hard time on your bank account so take advantage of these sales and rewards to save as much as you can on your shopping! Many of them are for one day only so get in quick.

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This year Black Friday falls on the 27th November but many brands are starting their sales early! We’ll continue updating this blog as we hear of any new Black Friday offers from our partners. Remember to shop through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app to earn rewards on top of some of the biggest sales of the year, just in time for Christmas. Happy Saving!

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Here at dk active we are always striving towards becoming more sustainable, more eco-friendly and more supportive of this planet that we are so lucky to inhabit.

With the fashion industry contributing significant amounts of waste to landfill (in the way of 500,000 tonnes per year in Australia alone), we are mindful of how we can reduce this impact, whilst also educating our community at the same time. Read Post


Our rewards partner Crabtree & Evelyn are well-known for their luxury bath, body & hair care. They were founded by wanderlust and nature enthusiast Cyrus Harvey who explored the world and brought back capsule collections of the products from his adventures. He didn’t sell soaps, he sold stories. With such a wide range, their products are the perfect stocking-filler for every beauty lover. Not sure what to get them? Crabtree & Evelyn have got the answer with their interactive gift finder! Take the QUIZ now to find a gift for the explorer in your life, based on their personality.

Otherwise if you know what your gift receiver might want but want them to experience a variety of their products, Crabtree & Evelyn allow you to create your own gift box. Select the products you like and they’ll send your picks in a perfectly sized gift box. It’s that simple.

Here are some must-haves:

Velvet Body Melt – 250ML $52.50

Cream to oil. Melt to reveal. Soft to touch.

Buff + Invigorate Body Bar – $22.50

Daily cleanse. Soft scrub. Polished body.

Petal Power Lip Scrub 10g – $27

Gentle buff. Soft touch. Sugar rush.

Volcanic Ash Face Mask 100ml – $54

Smells like… Tropical flowers after the rain
Feels like… A Balinese mud ritual
Gives you… Smooth, radiant skin

Satin Hand Cream 75ml – $34.50

Goes on rich. Spreads to smooth. Surges with moisture.

Check out all of their products and start creating your gift box here.

Shop with Crabtree & Evelyn through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app and they will invest 7% of your purchase back into your Raiz account. Reward amount and prices as of 20/11/20.


Before you know it Christmas will be here, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get for your family and friends. Members of the Canningvale team have got some fantastic ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. Shop at Canningvale through Raiz Rewards to earn 5.6% of your purchase invested back into your Raiz account!

Large Scented Soy Wax Candle – Blood Orange & Grapefruit

“One of my favourite Canningvale products is the Large Scented Soy Wax Candle in Blood Orange & Grapefruit. The scent reminds me of what it feels like when you’re lying on the beach, drinking a refreshing cocktail, in an exotic location. The candle has a burn life of 65+ hours, so it’s amazing for the price and it even smells delicious when it’s not lit!”


Beautysilks Pillowcases

“My go-to gift this Christmas is the Beautysilks Pillowcases. It’s the perfect combination of something beautiful, practical and unexpected. The gorgeous silk finish is a style statement that will bring a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Plus, the Mulberry Silk is rejuvenating for dry hair and skin so it’s like a beauty treatment whilst you sleep.”

Luxury Cotton Velour Beach Towels

Luxury Cotton Velour Beach Towels

“Christmas in my household means one thing – time to go to the beach! And Canningvale ‘slatest range of luxury cotton velour beach towels are the perfect gift for an Aussie summer. They come in a range of colourful designs that your friends and family will love. The best thing about them is that velour doesn’t hold sand, so they’re perfect for the beach.”


Lusso Cotton Terry Bathrobe Large – Mezzanotte Blue

“This Christmas, I’ll definitely buy the Lusso Cotton Terry Bathrobe in Mezzanotte Blue. I love the spa-like feeling it brings when you wear it. It’ll be the perfect gift for my husband who lives far away from us at the moment. I’m sure every time he puts it on, he’ll feel our love.”

Beautysilks Eye Mask

Beautysilks Eye Mask

“The BeautySilks Eye Mask is a perfect stocking filler for the princesses in your life. It’s made from 100% Mulberry silk, which is the most expensive type of natural silk. It’s wonderfully soft and naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for people with sensitive skin.”

Browse Canningvale’s gift section, you’ll find plenty of gift ideas for you and your loved ones.

This article was originally published on Canningvale.

Shop with Canningvale through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app and they will invest 5.6% of your purchase back into your Raiz account. Reward amount as of 18/11/20.


Knitted Polos: a man’s spring summer essential

This summer, relaxed style is something we are all searching for. Easy looks that can ooze sophistication. We’ve taken the fuss out of summer dressing by introducing Knitted polos to the range that will take you from a dial-in meeting to outdoor dining with ease. Made from cotton in a tightly knitted texture, the Wanakas polo is the perfect mix of classic shape with current style.
The polo is an iconic style that can replace the need for the dress shirt – but that doesn’t mean you only belong in a bowls club or on the green.

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