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Are you the future of fashion? Wanna design for PrettyLittleThing? Now you could! PrettyLittleThing are looking for any wannabe designers to become part of fashion’s future. You’ll be tasked to create a capsule collection of 5-10 designs which we’ll actually retail on site. We’re passionate about giving people a platform to showcase their creativity and encouraging the next generation of young creatives to use their voice through design. Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply now. The future of fashion is in your hands.

Are you the future of fashion?


Submit 5-10 designs in a PDF. Sketches need to have a clear front and back view of each style.

Key things to note: these should be commercial designs as they will be sold on site and seasonally relevant for a February launch.

The rest is up to you.



8th September – Competition opens

27th September – Competition closes

30th September – Winner notified

30th October – Designs finalised and sent to production


Panel 1

All competition entries will be judged by the senior product and creative team at PLT as well as guest judges Zack & Jamie.



This article was originally published on PrettyLittleThing.

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When you think of hot springs and hot pools, your first thought may lead you to the bubbling onsens in Japan, the famed Blue Lagoons in Iceland or perhaps the Onsen Hot Pools in New Zealand, but have you ever wondered if there were any right here close to Sydney and its surrounds?
We’ve done some digging and have found these beautiful undiscovered spots you could check out on your next winter weekend escape! They are located a little further from Sydney so you may want to make a trip out of it. Here are five hot springs in Sydney you need to visit- arranged from the shortest driving distance to the furthest:

1. Blue Mountains Sparadise

We’re about to tell you something most Sydneysiders probably don’t know about – that you can actually find a slice of Japan and get a taste of Onsen relaxation right here in Sydney!
Blue Mountains Sparadise is a Japanese-inspired bathhouse, where there are options for indoor and also outdoor hot pools, plus you can always treat yourself with additional services like massages, facials, or warm up with delicious Japanese curry at the teahouse. You can also complete the experience with overnight accommodation here!
They also offer a private buro ( 風呂, pronounced [booro]) meaning bathtub, or home bath if you’d prefer a private space to yourself.
  • Distance from Sydney – 140km | 2.5 hour drive
  • Opening hours – Friday 2pm-9pm, Saturday 12pm-9pm, Sunday 11am-5pm
  • Prices – from $80pp

2. Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool

Here’s another we bet most have not heard of – Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool is a public pool located at Kosciuszko National Park filled with water from a natural hot spring, and remains at a beautiful 27 degrees all year around.
You’ll need to do a short walk from the car park to get there and it is usually secluded and quiet.  In winter, it’s magical to float in the warmth and watch steam rise from the water’s surface, as snow blankets the ground around you.
  • Distance from Sydney – 475km | 5 hour drive (we’d recommend popping by here if you happen to be around Canberra)
  • Opening hours – now open 9am to 5pm daily
  • Prices – free

3. Burren Junction Artesian Hot Springs

If you really want to get off the beaten track and looking for something in a bit more of a rural setting, you should check out Burren Junction Artesian Hot Springs – located right by Kamilaroi Highway on a sealed road.
The baths are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and popular amongst locals as the artesian water flows from the bore maintains a constant temperature of 41.5 degrees and has a great rep for relieving aching muscles. If you want to make a trip out of it – campgrounds are also on site with poolside showers, bbq facilities and filtered water.
  • Distance from Sydney – 613km | 7 hour drive
  • Opening hours – open 24 hours
  • Prices – free

4. Moree Artesian Baths

This hot spring in Moree is perfect for the entire family- the kids can enjoy the waterpark, while you chill out at the Artisan Soak and Sauna Retreat. There’s plenty here to check out – from fitness classes, commercial gym facilities and even an Olympic pool!
  • Distance from Sydney – 632km | 7.5 hour drive
  • Opening hours –
    • Monday – Friday: 6am-8pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: 7am-7pm
  • Prices – $9 per adult; $28.50 per family

5. Lightning Ridge Artesian Bore Baths

You may know Lightning Ridge as the Black Opal capital of the world, but did you know that there’s also a hot spring you can visit in the area?
The water from Lightning Ridge Artesian Bore Baths comes from the Great Artesian Basin and is approximately two million years old!
  • Distance from Sydney – 716km | 8.5 hour drive
  • Opening hours -24 hours a day
  • Prices – free

This article was originally published on Klook by Viv Tan Wei Wen.

Shop with Klook for the first time through Raiz Rewards in the Raiz app and they will invest 3.5% for Tours, Sightseeing, Activities, Food & Dining, Transport & Travel Essentials, Attractions & Shows or 1.4% for Special Activities.T&Cs Apply. (Reward amount valid as of 8/9/20.


Sleep is an important tool for improving performance and returning the body to its best possible state. However, these days, modern distractions like smart phones, tablets, social media and Netflix can so easily infiltrate our evenings, hindering our bodies ability to sleep.

A lack of sleep can cause a wide array of issues, yet many are not aware of how far-reaching these can be. A poor mood, inhibited decision-making, low energy and memory problems can all be the result of a lack of sleep. Additionally, recovery from training can be slowed, and studies have shown that injury rates may increase by up to 60% for those averaging just five hours of shut eye, compared to those who manage nine hours.

So, what makes sleep good? And how do we prepare our bodies for sleep?

Great sleep takes skill, and it’s a skill that takes time to develop. One can’t simply walk into the bedroom after scrolling emails or Instagram and expect to have the best sleep of your life. You need to build a routine, stick to it and continue to work on it.

This skill is based on key factors like how organised you are leading up to bedtime, your body temperature and your hormone levels. Let’s have a look at each of these in more detail.


To dial down the stress in preparation for sleep, try to organise yourself as much as possible before bed. To do this, it helps to work backwards. Think about the time that you need to get up in the morning, and then calculate the time you need to get to bed to fit in 7 – 9 hours of sleep.

From here, build in an evening routine. Aim to switch off any electronic devices, such as the TV, at least 30 minutes before bed. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, also try to avoid foods and drinks high in caffeine and sugar, such as chocolate, coffee and black tea. Pick up a book, practice a meditation or write out a to-do list for the next day.

It can also help to prepare anything you might need in the morning – perhaps this is your gym clothes, your work bag, or maybe you like to put your coffee mug out ahead of that 6am caffeine fix. During this time, try not to watch the clock too much. If you know your bedtime is approximately 30 minutes away, there’s no need to check the time every five minutes. Take it slow and try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

At first, these steps may feel trivial. But as time goes on, you will realise you feel more at ease. Just like any new habit, it will take some trial and error to get it right. Slowly, your body will adjust, and all of these activities will cue sleep.


Having a hot shower before bed can raise the core body temperature by 0.1 to 0.2 of a degree. This heat causes the body to switch to cooling mode and begin the processing of balancing its temperature.

Make sure you wear lightweight and breathable clothing to bed and ensure your room as at a comfortable temperature for you. Generally, this is between 18 – 21 degrees Celsius.


Melatonin is the key factor in the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm which is our ‘body clock’ so to speak. It is also responsible for blood pressure regulation.

The hormone Melatonin is secreted when we enter a dark room and go to sleep. It is the key active hormone that allows the body to rest and is secreted from the pineal gland and spread around the body via the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid – a liquid around your brain and spinal cord. Soon, the spread of melatonin reaches your vital organs and causes the brain to reduce its normal function.

The number one cause of a delay to the melatonin release is the blue light found in smartphones and electronic devices. A 2015 study (Analysis of circadian properties and healthy levels of blue light from smartphones at night, Oh, et al.) found that melatonin levels decreased by 7.3% – 11.4% when in a dark room and even higher when in a light room. This has a lasting effect on the time it takes to get to sleep. The national Sleep Foundation stated that this delayed secretion in melatonin delays REM sleep and also reduces REM sleep overall.

While a lack of sleep during the night can encourage many to nap the next day, if you are a light sleeper, napping will counter the body clock and restart our body’s processes. Napping may work for those who have no trouble sleeping, however if this is something you struggle with, it’s best to limit your naps and avoid upsetting your natural body clock. Additionally, try to stick to the same bedtime and wakeup every day of the week. By not letting yourself sleep in on a Sunday, you will soon wake up bright-eyed and early on a Monday, ready to tackle the week.

By taking all of these factors into account, you will fast become a master of your sleep routine. In turn, you will experience immense boosts to your mood, energy levels and decision-making abilities. So, when the sun does down tonight, think – is this Netflix show you are watching something that you would wake up early for? If the answer is no, go to sleep.

If you are not willing to wake up for it, why would you stay awake for it?

This article was originally published on 2XU.

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Here’s a friendly reminder that Father’s Day is on this Sunday the 6th of September. In case you’ve left it too late, we’ve put together some last minute gift ideas to celebrate all the father figures out there. A nice gesture can go a long way and you don’t have to break the bank in the process. Remember to shop through Raiz Rewards to earn a percentage of your purchase invested back into your Raiz account.

BWS – 1.75% reward (or up to 7% until 2/9/20)
For the dad that doesn’t mind a bevvy, stock him up on some of his favourite booze.
Get your drinks delivered ASAP with store to door within 1 hour or Click & Collect available.

Shaver Shop – 3.5% reward
Play it safe with something you’ll know he’ll love and use from the Shaver Shop. They also a Father’s Day sale on now, save up to 85% and get free shipping on orders over $50 until 6/9/20.

Dessert Boxes  – 7% reward
Dessert Boxes is waging a war on boring gifts to provide Dads with a fun, new alternative to gift giving!
Kayo Sports – $10 reward
Give him the gift of sport! Sign him up to a Kayo subscription to stream NBA, AFL, NRL and A-League live and on demand.
Ancestry – $10 reward
A present that he will never forget, give dad the gift of discovery! Surprise him with a DNA testing kit to discover his ethnic mix.
RedBalloon – 3.5% reward
From skydiving, car racing and beer tasting, there’s something for every dad at RedBalloon. Save up to 40% off experiences during the RedBalloon Father’s Day Sale, ends 6/9/20.
New Balance – 3.5% reward in-store and online
Keep dad fresh in NB and also shop up to 25% Off Selected Styles – New Balance Father’s Day Sale ends 6/9/20.
The Card Network – 4% reward
Get dad a gift card to pick out his own gift with the choice from the freshest brands & latest looks. Brands include Nike, Surfstitch, Diesel, Aquila and more!
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Whether you have a few spare minutes over your morning coffee, or are waiting in line at the supermarket, you can now make the most of your spare time and be rewarded for sharing your opinions via the Pureprofile Surveys feature in Raiz Rewards. You can participate in surveys without ever leaving the Raiz app. 

How does it work?

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Who can do it?

You can! All Raiz members can now opt into this exciting offering. Simply select the ‘Surveys’ button option in the Raiz Rewards menu. More than 30,000 Raiz members have already discovered the joy of Pureprofile surveys!


We are excited to provide you with different opportunities to increase your investments. This is a great way to grow your funds by building your own personal profile, and sharing your opinions on the things that matter most to you. 

In addition to the features you already love, you now have the opportunity to easily and automatically invest the money you earn from completing surveys. Did you know that we’ve already paid out more than $100,000 in rewards to Raiz members just like you?


Pureprofile’s Privacy Policy ensures that we will never provide your responses or profile information to businesses in a way that would allow you to be personally identified (unless you provide us express permission to do so).

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Face masks have become an everyday part of what many people are dubbing the ‘new normal’. Required in shops, enclosed public places, and even just you’re just grabbing a coffee to-go; now you always need one of these babies close at hand. But just because this new, (literal) must-have accessory is protective, doesn’t mean it can’t look seriously cute too. Over at Nasty Gal, we’ve created a collection of out-fit complimenting, statement-making, and reusable face masks; so you can keep your face covered, all whilst offsetting your outfit (dreamy, huh?) And hey, since you’re here already, stick around and take a look at the best picks from our face mask bunch; so you can bag your new BFM, without the hassle of searching.

Fashion Forward

Let’s Face It Handkerchief Face Mask

Something a little fancier than your regular face mask or covering, and teams perfectly with your favourite midi dress for adding extra layers of cool.

Stand-Out Basics

All Mouth Fashion Face Mark

Simple, but gets the job done— and available in monochromatic and tonal hues.

Very On Brand

Nothing But a Nasty Gal Fashion Face Mask

It’s time to mouth off with one of our v versatile branded face masks; great for spicing up a tee and jeans combo (and letting people know where you shop too).

‘90s Nostalgia Incoming

Yes, this is a diamante face covering, and yes, we are here for it. Channel icon Paris Hilton, circa the early 2000s and get ready to jewel the world.

Diamante Fashion Face Mask

Trending RN

Tie-dye is very much on everyone’s radar RN, so we’ve brought you the retro design you love, in cute, reusable mask form. Soft and groovy— what more could you want, huh?

Talk to Me Tie Dye Fashion Face Mask

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If there’s a good time to shop it’s now because Afterpay Day 2020 is on which means many of our partnered brands are slashing prices plus you’ll get your reward on top. It starts today Tuesday 20th August at 8am and ends 11:5pm on Friday 21st August. Access up to 70% off your favourite stores across various categories including fashion, home, beauty, tech and more. We’ve made it easy by putting together all of the best deals below. Be sure to shop through the links in the Raiz Rewards section of the app so you can earn a % of your purchases back into your Raiz account. Happy Saving!

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It’s official; head to toe neutral and tonal dressing will continue to be strong trend throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Let’s face it, neutrals are no longer just the supporting act, they’re taking center stage.

When it comes to wearing the neutrals trend right, the trick is not to worry if each piece in your outfit isn’t the exact same colour – mixing the look up with slight variations in tone is where it’s at!

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The most important thing when choosing a shirt is to get the right fit. A great fitting shirt is gathered in all the right places to give you a smart look, a defined silhouette, and the confidence that comes from knowing you are impeccably dressed. Getting the best fit is easy once you know some of your basic measurements. From collar size to sleeve length, we will take you through the measuring process in order to find that perfect Charles Tyrwhitt shirt.

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Comfy chair? Check. Remote control? Check. Indulgent and simply delicious food? Coming right up …

Whether you’re in the mood for a new TV series to binge or a classic you haven’t seen in ages, these recommendations will keep your eyes glued to that screen and, with perfectly paired HelloFresh recipes, the ultimate night in couldn’t be easier!

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